There are gangsta’s, there are knitta’s…

I have just returned from Austin, TX, where i’ve been fortunate enough to attend SXSW festival. And I did it all: watched many awesome films, mingled with my very smart out-of-town friends, ate lots of amazing street food and stayed up late. At one of the film premiers I saw some cool knits in the most unexpected manner – in a “please turn off your sell phone” message. The latter was preceded by a fun clip with a touching story, guerrilla-style. Yay to SXSW’s creativity!

Ok, I know it’s not quite fashion, but rater street art, but I cannot help myself, this is so charming!… Knittas from Knitta, please are based in Austin, TX, and dress phone poles, parking meters, traffic lights, trees, and other objects of urban landscape into cozy hand-knitted “sweaters”. The effect is so wacky-awesome that you cannot help but smiling. In fact, the “wool graffiti” is met with exactly the opposite emotions of the conventional graffiti (if there is such a thing) since it’s lawful and non-destructive. As Magda Sayed, the founding “knitta”, puts it, “by  inserting handmade art in a landscape of concrete and steel, [you] add a human quality that otherwise rarely exists”. Indeed, just look at those trees and a drain pipe! Aren’t they looking pretty in their cozy knitwear?

Magda Sayeg’s beginnings are quite humble. At the time a gallerina living in Houston, Magda “tagged” the first pole right outside of her gallery window. Happy by the effect, she did the same thing with a pole at the end of her block. The community responded immediately, and the project has been unstoppable ever since, dressing and “tagging” all the way from Brooklyn to Bali. The group is supported by a wide network of volunteers and sponsors who make the cozy art happen.


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